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°03° The Happiest Gurl // Only Girl

 Wenn ich endlich wieder in deinen Armen liegen kann,
machst du mich zum glücklichsten Girl der Welt

6.2.11 13:11


N ow I'm lying here again

When the dark site of the day comes creeping
With frightness and pain
I don't know anything anymore
Broken inside and chained by this pain
All I know is I love you so much I would die for
My lonely presence brings bad disease
Cause all these frightness and insurence
Make me sick
And I can't denie the way I am
But I refuse of this selfdestruction
I'm sorry
May I'm too weak

You love a psycho-freak.
6.2.11 12:56


 F eel your lips on mine

Baby, this blows my mind
 Then I open my eyes
 Sad Sobriety
 It was just autumm wind

A moment I was fine

 Before it rapes my soul
 My smile is fake
 All my acting disguise
 I'm broken inside

 Yearning for you

6.2.11 12:54

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